One of the most common vegetables. It can be boiled as in its pure form or unpeeled, cooked on coal, steamed, stewed, deep-fried and without it. Potatoes are used in both simple and gourmet dishes. Potatoes are used to make soups, main courses, snacks, digestives and even desserts.


Widespread and one of the most important vegetable crops. Bulbs and leaves are used as seasonings in the canned industry, for salads, vinaigrettes, mushrooms, vegetable and meat dishes, and in the form of spicy-vitamin snacks and flavorings for soups, sauces, gravy, and minced meat. The thing is that you got a golden color. Raw onions are added to sausages and meat products, cottage cheese, cheeses, bread with lard.  It is a good vitamin remedy, especially recommended in the winter-spring period, but used all year round. A significant amount of mineral salts contributes to the normalization of water-salt metabolism in the body. 


Vegetable culture. One of the ten most economically important vegetable crops in the world. The roots and fruits of carrots can be used as a spice. Fruits with a burning spicy taste are used as a seasoning for dishes, used in marinades, distillery. Tested and approved as a spice in fish processing. Fruits may find application in the canning industry. Root crops of cultivated carrots are used in food raw and boiled for the preparation of first and second courses, pies, candied fruits, marinades, canned food, baby purees, etc. Carrot juice and carotene is obtained from carrots. Carrot activates intracellular redox processes, regulates carbohydrate metabolism, has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and wound healing properties. Treatment with carrot juice is recommended for diseases associated with impaired mineral metabolism (gallstone disease, metabolic polyarthritis), carrot juice is indicated in the first days after myocardial infarction, as well as for pregnant women, nursing mothers, children. Fresh carrot juice is also used for anemia, hypoacid gastritis.


Table beet varieties due to its taste are widely used in the daily life of many peoples of the world. Leaves are used to make salads, soups, snacks, drinks (and even desserts). Beets are the main part of the soup “borsch” popular in Eastern Europe. 

Initially, the root was used only as a medicine. The rich content of natural antioxidants allows the use of drugs for the prevention of cancer, B vitamins, iron and cobalt - for the prevention and treatment of anemia, zinc and phosphorus - for the prevention of rickets in children. Natural antiseptics secreted in the root crop help to suppress and even treat some infectious diseases, it prevents the development of gastric and intestinal pathogenic microflora, clean the oral cavity, and improve the condition of skin microflora. Zinc, diabetes mellitus, kidney stone disease. A fresh cut of the rhizome or crushed leaves – can be used for wound healing. Fresh beet juice is especially effective for it.

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