Flour and cereals

Spade flour

Spelt flour has existed since ancient time. It was considered one of the key food products of the ancient Egyptians and Romans. In the 10-11 centuries spelt, is one of the varieties of wheat, began to grow in Russia. For more than eight centuries in a row, our ancestors baked delicious bread and cakes from it.

The main use of spelt flour is baking bread. A pronounced aroma with nutty notes, a surprisingly dense finely porous crumb, a crispy crust - all this is bread made from dairy flour. Almost any baked goods can be made from spelled flour. First of all, in our opinion, it is worth trying spade pancakes, rolls, crackers, bread sticks and muffins.

Spelt flour is a valuable dietary product. It is rich in vegetable protein, vitamins and minerals. This flour contains as many as 18 essential amino acids and coarse fiber, which are necessary for a person to function normally. However, there is significantly less gluten than in wheat flour.

Rye flour

Flour obtained by grinding rye grains. Rye flour is produced industrially, as a rule, in three grades: seeded, peeled, and wallpaper. Rye flour is an indispensable product for a rational and proper nutrition. In this flour, 5 times more than in wheat, contains fructose, necessary for the normal functioning of the human body. Products made from rye flour incorporate a sufficient amount of fiber and hemicellulose, which play a role in human nutrition - they enhance intestinal remodeling and strengthen the immune system.

Wheat flour

Flour obtained from wheat grains. The most popular type of flour used for baking. Wheat baking flour in Russia is divided into grains of flour, wallpaper, top, first and second grades. Gluten is quite low in the first grade flour, it has a pure white color, is used for butter products, it is often used as a thickener in sauces. The first grade flour is used for not butter baking, products from it are stale more slowly, this is the basic flour for baking bread. The second grade flour contains up to 8% of bran, therefore it is much darker than first grade one, so people can bake white bread and a black one - mixing wheat flour with rye flour.

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