Linseed oil

Vegetable oil derived from flax seeds. Flaxseed oil is eaten and used in folk medicine. 

It has important technical significance: drying oils. It is widely used for the production of natural linoleum and oil paints.

Rapeseed oil

Vegetable oil derived from black rapeseed. The richest source of fatty unsaturated acids beneficial to mammals.

Unsaturated fat in 100 g refined rapeseed oil:

  • monounsaturated - 60 g;
  • polyunsaturated - 23 g.


  • with problems with the gastrointestinal tract to reduce the acid level of the stomach and to heal the intestines;
  • to improve the condition of the nervous system;
  • with arthritis and arthrosis to improve the functioning of the joints;
  • to lower cholesterol.

Refined rapeseed oil has a light yellow color and a neutral aroma, while cold-pressed rapeseed oil has an amber color and the aroma of seeds. Suitable for preparing hot and cold dishes.

Technical use:

It is used in industry to reduce the cetane number of fuel, which is widely used in the production of biodiesel.

Negative physiological properties and a high level of erucic acid (47-50%) make industrial (unrefined) rapeseed oil unsuitable for food purposes, therefore it is banned for food use in the European Union and some other countries.

Crude rapeseed oil has a specific taste and smell, a dark brown color with a greenish tint.

Sunflower oil

Vegetable oil obtained from oilseeds of oilseeds. The most common type of vegetable oil in Russia and Ukraine, which are leaders in its production in the world.

Sunflower oil is one of the most important vegetable oils in the territory of the former USSR, which is of great economic importance. It is used in cooking for frying and for dressing salads. Margarine and cooking fats are produced from it (by hydrogenation). Sunflower oil is used in the manufacture of canned food, as well as in soap making and the paint industry. Sunflower oil is part of various ointments. It is often used to lubricate rolling bearings, precision bushings. Sunflower oil can be used to refuel kerosene lamps. Sunflower oil has good dielectric properties due to its low water content, examples of the use of sunflower oil for isolation of transformers and multipliers with an output voltage of more than 100 kV are known.

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