About company

Our production

Company engaged in export of agricultural products, basically: oilseeds, pulses and grain crops to European countries.

About us

The company "Agro-Rost Export" is a close-knit team of professionals with many years of experience in international trade. The company use road transport for shipping (basically trucks, using DAP and FCA terms) and maritime transport (shipping from Russian ports of St. Petersburg and Novorossiysk; by FOB, CIF and CFR terms). The company also actively develop export to Europe and Southeast Asia. Our company do business competently and with dignity. We value our reputation as a reliable partner, we are constantly developing, and always try to comply the most stringent requirements of our customers.

In addition, to extensive experience in the freight market, our company guarantees
  • high quality of products which we send to our customers;
  • professional and quick execution of accompanying documents;
  • competitive prices not only for Russia, but also for the territory of the CIS countries and Europe.

In addition, the location of our company is beneficial for our partners - we are located in the European part of Russia, in the city of Kazan, not far from the border with Ukraine and the EU countries. When you order in bulk from us, you can be sure that everything will be delivered on time!

Supply Geography

Germany, Austria, Hungary, France, Holland and others; Southern Europe: Spain, Italy, Romania, Croatia, Greece;

Скандинавию: Норвегия, Швеция, Дания;

Страны Восточной Европы: Украина, Белоруссия, Болгария, Польша, Словакия, Молдавия и другие. Египет, Тунис, Алжир Ливия и другие;

В страны Юго-Восточной Азии: Вьетнам, Лаос, Камбоджа, Мьянма, Восточный Тимор

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